Thursday, June 19, 2008

Party Update

Apparently houses shrink in the sun and boxes procreate when you're not looking (what are those naughty boxes doing on my new carpet!?). I say this because after a few weeks in our new house during an intense heat wave, it's gotten smaller than I remember, and there are still moving boxes everywhere. Note to all my friends with small children: do not under any circumstances considering moving if it will take you less than 24 hrs to unpack. Rugrats view all those boxes as toy boxes full of surprises that mommy and daddy brought home just for them, and some are even still gift wrapped as a challenge. Don't worry! They WILL get the taped ones open, and they WILL learn how to climb that ladder sitting in the corner so that one day they can give mommy a heart attack when she turns a corner to find herself eye-to-eye with a child who is terribly pleased with the view they've discovered (seriously, she was laughing so hard she nearly fell off). But to actually get to the point of this post, we haven't unpacked our clothes so we can stop wearing the same things repeatedly, let alone worked on putting the house together so we can show it off at a party. Thus, I think it is going to be pushed back to August, probably on a Friday night. So let me know if there are any major conflicts for you, and if you rate high enough on the give-a-hoot scale we'll see what can be done ;P jk

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Taralyn said...

very cute Joe. Craig might need you to sign me up for some of those courses :)