Monday, December 1, 2008

I Fell Off the Face of the Earth

(did anyone even notice?)

Yes, I know I disappeared for a while, but with so MANY things happening around here I've been too busy lately....ok, well I was actually being more than just a little lazy. But here are just a few quick updates:
- the semester is almost over!!
- our holiday housewarming party is scheduled for Dec 20 (be there or be tortured with a spoon)
- Gillian learned how to say 'no' (and what it means as well, which is definitely the most annoying part)
- my friend Taralyn got into med school and is expecting baby #2 (yay tara! -> check out her blog over at SowbyIt)
- I have head injury and Halloween pictures to post in my next few blog entries (that's correct, you read it right! graphic pediatric head injuries that are completely unrelated to the adorable pediatric costume)

P.S. - Since several of my favorite bloggers have been employing the use of the much-abused literary device known as the 'post script' recently, I think I'll jump on the bandwagon. The other day while driving in the car I accidentally re-enacted one of Taralyn's infamous blog entries (you know, the one where she says funny things like "so THAT's how hot air balloons work!" on a first date). Joey had remarked upon seeing a squirrel's nest up in the trees, when my head abruptly snaps around and I utter something like "squirrels make nests?! like up in trees?" After trying to asphyxiate himself, he managed to inquire after just where I thought that squirrels lived. I responded with "in holes in the tree trunk, right?" And then that dear sweet man of mine kindly muffled his chortles of laughter and kept his remarks limited to things like
"hah hah...Disney...hehe...PhD....ahem"