Wednesday, October 8, 2008

All Little Girls Love Horses

We took Gillian to the State Fair this weekend here in Richmond. Her Uncle Justin came along with us and helped to entrench a new bad habit that Miss Gilli has been working on recently. She has apparently taken an intense dislike to highchairs/strollers/other restraint devices; so loudly in fact that our outings have been cut down because Mommy doesn't like being accused of torturing her by strangers. They may not say it out loud, but those looks say a million snide little things. So how did Daddy and Uncle Justin aid and abet the Gilli-monster? By taking turns carrying her around on their shoulders all day. Thank you gentlemen, you have now ruined my daughter, 'cause who would choose to be ignominiously schlumped around in a bumpy stroller when you can be elevated above your adoring onlookers? Especially when your personal chauffeur has soft buzz-cut hair that you can rub?! I do have to admit it was terribly cute, but I'm going to have to have a serious discussion with the little miss about how she should stay in her stroller (rather than running around touching everything), and the need to remain seated while eating (instead of standing in the chair, crowing and throwing food she deems not good enough for a princess).

While at the fair she also rode a pony (she LOVED it), discovered that she likes pigs and doggies but not chickens, and managed to sleep through the demolition derby occurring about 20 ft away from her. Which makes me suspect that she is not actually sleeping when she suddenly wakes up as I'm passing outside her door during naptime - because anyone who can sleep through several cars attempting to destroy each other nearby, cannot possible be rudely awakened by footsteps on carpet.