Friday, February 27, 2009

What I Would Give to Have Been There

Yes, that is a picture of a Christmas wreath...and yes, it is still hanging on our front door in February. In my defense, it doesn't have the big bow on it anymore which makes it just a 'winter' wreath in my mind; and since our homeowners' association says we can only have seasonal door decor, I'm pretty sure that I can get away with it for another week or two (unless the weather stays this nice).

What I would have killed to have witnessed is my husband's reaction as he looked out our peephole this morning. He has a habit of doing that, which I just don't understand. I mean there's a window right there - unless you're trying to be sneaky and spy on someone..which is what he did I guess. Apparently when he peeped out the peephole, there was someone peeping right back at him..a bird! I can just imagine the way he jerked back and wondered who was uttering that sissy-girl scream if it wasn't his round-eyed daughter? (who promptly decides the door is 'bad'...oh the intolerable cuteness!) Apparently my realistic wreath is the cool bird hangout, I guess it's too bad for them that the spring wreath going up next isn't nearly so comfy.

P.S. - On a side note I guess it's not so weird that Joe peeks out the door whenever he walks by. It might have been useful if he'd spotted the person STEALING our car's front license plate. We didn't realize it was gone until he got a parking ticket for not displaying it. It's interesting to speculate about the uses the thief could have for a single license plate, possibly using it in a robbery, as wall art, or maybe as a really cool cookie sheet.

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