Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Can You Spot The Mouse?

Guess what! We're soooo excited to announce that we have finally succumbed to the marketing schemes of one the largest and most entrenched American business machines of today. Yay for us!! No really, we actually are excited, because we're going to Disney World for spring break this year :) Joe, Mom, and I all intend to participate in the "Give A Day, Get A Day" promotion that is occurring next year. Disney is offering one free day of park admission in exchange for a day of volunteer service with any participating organization. I think this is an awesome opportunity on to get involved in some local charity work (please remember that I am a proud alumni of Gamma Sigma Sigma, a sorority dedicated to service) and save some serious $$ when we go to Disney World. Additionally, Gillian will be about two and half weeks shy of her third birthday, so she'll still be a bit young for the experience by my reckoning, but at least everything for her will be free.

How do we know that she is old enough to really enjoy herself and that it isn't a waste of time that she won't remember? Well, aside from her obvious Disney princess fever/brain washing...which has been marketed so relentless to little girls nowadays (I swear we've been pointlessly trying to prevent it)....there was one particularly illuminating event. While driving one evening, I hear a shriek of excitement from the backseat, closely followed by a barely coherent round of finger-pointing, screeches of "Mickey, Mickey!!", and all of the squirming and bouncing a child safety device's restraints will permit. After quickly scanning the cars around us looking for bumper sticker or visible toy, I spotted the mouse..can you?

Believe it or not, it's actually MUCH easier to spot Mickey in this picture than it was that day. I still can't believe that she saw it from her car seat. I think she's ready.

Oh, and she'd better remember it, if only through pictures, because we'll be snapping those away like lunatics and someone will have a camcorder attached to their face. Hey, we're just trying to blend in.

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