Thursday, May 15, 2008


House warming party! (Tentative Dates: July 12 or 13)
We've decided to throw a party to show off our new house and all the work we'll be putting into it. It's probably going to be from 2-9pm so people can come and go as they please, so I need some input on what day of the week it should be. There'll be food and pictures of the house as we bought it, as well as drinks and music in the evening (think anyone will actually dance?). I'll post before and after pictures here once we unveil our masterpiece to the public :) Keep in mind that this is our first house of our own to decorate, so if you don't like what we've done with the place just smile and nod, I can live with the lie!


Boo-Boo said...

Friday is a naturally good time for a party! I'm already practicing putting my foot in my mouth! Wait...Am I invited?

PaPa said...

Love to be there in person, but no can do from FL. I will be there in spirit. Congrats on the new house. Looking forward to pictures.

Taralyn said...

I'm free to watch you make drunken fools of yourself anytime :) Hopefully your beautiful house won't be trashed. j/k