Thursday, August 21, 2008

Journal Article

It's official, the article has been published. You can find it by just searching my name on PubMed, and you'll find a link to download the entire paper on the abstract page.

Unfortunately, it turns out there are several authors with the same name out there already - however none of them are in Microbiology so that at least cuts down on some overlap.

But that still doesn't beat the ironic/humorous fact that if you Google my get a VERY popular British porn star. *sigh* I'll never be more popular than her (or get higher in the Google search results), no matter how many papers I publish.


Taralyn said...

I think I prefer your line of work :) You'll bring more good to this world. Don't consider a career change. :)

PaPa said...

Ha! I should pay $20 to access the electronc version of the complete article I barely understand! Guess I could wait either 4 months or 1 year (I don't know which one applies to your article) to read the complete document. ;>) However congratulatons are in order anyway.


There I did it! I shouted it to the whole world.

Jamie said...

I think I can figure out how to email it.......